If you have a loved one who suffers from alcoholism, then you might be looking for a way to get him or her to commit to going to an alcohol rehab center. Of course, this is much easier said than done--especially for those who refuse to acknowledge they have a problem. One drastic measure you could take that may encourage your love one to seek treatment is that of staging an alcohol intervention. Before you do, however, there are some precautions worth taking.

DO Predict Excuses Ahead of Time

Sometimes, your love one isn't going to be thrilled about the idea of going to rehab; they'll probably make excuses as to why they can't seek treatment, such as being unable to miss work or find childcare. Make arrangements to overcome these obstacles ahead of time; provide a list of local childcare professionals that have already agreed to take children if needed, for example, and be prepared to present these to your loved one at the time of the intervention.

DON'T Handle it Alone

Planning an intervention can be an overwhelming experience, so seek help when you need it. You'll want to involve other family members and loved ones in the process. If nothing else, they can provide you with the emotional support you need to prepare for the intervention. Also, you can seek advice and support from a local rehab center, where they often have intervention specialists available to assist you through the process.

DO Prepare to Follow Through

Your loved one should see this intervention as an ultimatum of sorts; they should know that if they refuse to seek treatment, there are going to be consequences. Therefore, you'll need to carefully decide what consequences you are prepared to follow through with and stick to your guns if your loved one does refuse treatment. Perhaps you'll have no choice but to have them move out of your home, or maybe you will have to drop out of the person's life altogether.

DON'T Expect Too Much Too Soon

Even if your loved one agrees to seek treatment for his or her alcoholism, it's important that you manage your expectations. For example, he or she will likely not be happy about the situation, so you should be prepared to handle it appropriately. Even if your loved one is upset with you right now, he or she will understand and appreciate your efforts later on.

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